Aiming for a "Simple but Brilliant" company

GOKO Group was founded in 1953, aiming for a "Simple but Brilliant" company that never fails; with its severe beginning in the economic confusion just after the WW2.

  • Stability Before Vanity. – We eliminate any vanity from the management with thorough rationalization.
  • Produce only what we develop. - We never do jobs under subcontract.
  • Business with no debts. - We keep the sound constitution with enough financial strength.

We, GOKO Group, still keep these principals that have guided for the past 60 years.

It has brought us to gain the top market shares in the world - 85% share for our 8mm film editors and more than 40% share for our compact cameras.

In response to recent digitalization of cameras, we have completed the reconstruction of whole GOKO Group to respond to new economic environment deciding not to enter the digital cameras market.

We aim to further progress guided by our ideal policy that strengthened our company throughout the past 60 years.