Message of CEO of GOKO Group

Tadashi Goto

Our history and future, as "Simple but Brilliant"

As you know, the Japanese camera industry has conquered the world’s market in the last half a century. We, GOKO Camera Co., Ltd., are proud that the amount of the production of compact cameras has reached the top of the world and played a part of the great achievement of Japanese camera industry, this made possible by the foundation of our Malaysian factory that responds to the requests of OEM of compact cameras from the most famous and major Japanese camera manufacturers.

We reached such great achievement not only by Japanese technology and diligence, but also by our thorough efforts for the rationalization of production to cope with Yen rate that had increased rapidly. Moreover, the cooperation from Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries were indispensable for our achievement as the production bases.

When extreme competition began due to the digitalization of cameras, we moved into specializing in special industrial and medical devices concerning optical devices and soon left the competition.

Additionally, we branched out to agriculture to liberalize Japanese agriculture whose operation was neither effective nor competitive in global market comparing to the camera industry. In 2002, we founded ones of the largest glass houses in Japan to produce tomatoes and processed foods, which resulted to innovation of technology and efficiency – the same efforts that strengthened the camera industry.

At the same time, we founded “GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.” to implement the import of Southeast Asian products where we had received assistance in camera production and sell them to the end-users as directly as possible. We have a strong wish to contribute to the development of those countries that had helped us.

We have held our policy, “thorough rationalization” and “non-debt”, for 60 years of our career. I would appreciate if you could utilize our “GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.” for the development of your country’s products in Japanese market.

Tadashi Goto
CEO of GOKO Group


Message of President of GOKO TOMATOMURA Co., Ltd.

Yoshiko Goto

Continuing being “Simple but Brilliant”

It has been 16 years since GOKO TOMATOMURA Co., Ltd. expanded to agricultural business, establishing in 2002.

We monopolized world market share twice in our imaging business and subsequently expanded to agricultural business, making the most of our experience in quality control. In addition, we developed our own unique production system regardless of the existing agricultural methods. Through this, we achieved stable production throughout the year, with 57,000 large tomato trees, medium-sized tomato trees, and more than 10 types of petit tomatoes. We receive several orders all over Japan.

Currently, the number of our regular customers has reached more than 50 companies every month. It is a matter of pride for us that many of our regular customers continue to purchase tomatoes produced by us every week for more than a decade since the beginning of the foundation of our agriculture division.

With regard to agricultural business, we are trying to cope with difficult conditions such as bad weather. Everyone at GOKO will try our best to continue to be a “simple but brilliant” company pursuing more advanced agricultural technology with our teamwork and cooperation from suppliers. Furthermore, we aim to maintain the “Three Principles” that have been the basis of our GOKO ideals since its foundation.

We highly appreciate your kind support and encouragement.

Yoshiko Goto
President of GOKO TOMATOMURA Co., Ltd.


Message of President of GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.

Tomoko Goto

Welcome to our next sixty years

More than sixty years have passed since my grandfather, Tadashi Goto, founded the GOKO Group in 1953. We owe being able to successfully continue today to the excellent management ideologies and a stable financial structure which Tadashi Goto has built since the foundation of the GOKO Group. Additionally, he led another group company, GOKO Camera Co., Ltd., to acquire the world-largest market shares twice in different business fields, and has kept non-debt management in all GOKO group companies since its foundation. The capital ratio of the GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd. has always been over 97 percent to this day.

Today, I am honored and excited about being one of the successors of GOKO’s entrepreneurship.

We, GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd., have three divisions to provide the best products and services to our global and local customers in each of these business fields: The International Business Division, the Imaging Devices Division, and the Real Estate Division. In the International Business Division, we oversee international sales of GOKO brand products all over the world and also import foreign items to Japan using our global strategies, building our business relationships with many countries that is still going strong after more than sixty years. We have close relationships with government agencies and local enterprises especially in Malaysia, Singapore, and India where we have built more companies and factories. In the Imaging Devices Division, we become one of the world’s most innovative manufactures of imaging products since its foundation in 1953. We have developed and manufactured world’s first and peerless imaging products monopolizing the world’s market shares twice in different product fields - 8mm film editor and compact camera. Now our electronic imaging products are active and appreciated in various scenes as clinical, dental, beauty, industrial detailed inspections. In the Real Estate Division, we manage our own domestic rental properties such as shopping centers, condominiums, and factories, and provide comprehensive building superintendent services as well.

I sincerely welcome you in starting our next step for further development as we begin the next sixty years. I was, and always will treasure your kind support and the long history of GOKO for our better future. Through my career in the GOKO Group, the founder, Tadashi Goto, taught me his outstanding ideologies and a wide range of experience in streaming of business management, which, in fact, we hold more valuable than financial assets. As we look into the future, we will maintain our identity as “Simple but Brilliant” and will enhance the capability. I am pleased to announce that some new projects have been already in progress. As we continually expand our company, we would like to keep developing our International Business Div. by importing/exporting not only GOKO’s product, but other ranges of products as well. We will work hard to achieve success in the new projects which we are now studying.

As I take the torch from Tadashi Goto, I am excited to keep pursuing success by always remembering his vision. I ask for your continued interest and encouragement for another sixty years.

Tomoko Goto
President of GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Policy Management in the Keio University
  • Experience in Management, Accounting, Public Relations and Trading in the businesses of manufacturing and sales of optical instruments, manufacturing and sales of foods and processed foods, property rental management and the culture of blowfish in land culture system in the GOKO Group.
  • Director of GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.(formerly GOKO International Co., Ltd.) (2006 - 2014)
  • Managing Director of GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.(formerly GOKO International Co., Ltd.) (2014 -2015)
  • President of GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.(formerly GOKO International Co., Ltd.) (2015 - present)