GOKO Imaging Devices Co, Ltd. Imaging Devices Div.

Factory of GOKO Camera MalaysiaFactory of GOKO Camera Malaysia
Factory of GOKO Camera Malaysia where we have achieved the world's largest amount of the manufacture of compact cameras
(Image shows a part of 27 production conveyors.)

Still innovating for the next 70 years, after being the best in the world twice.

We were founded in 1953 as Sansei-Koki Co., Ltd. and has developed and manufactured world-first and unique products based on unique ideas and drastic rationalization.

Three principles of management that we have adhered since our founding

1. Stability Over Vanity.

2. Create and Develop What We Manufacture.

3. Fundamentally Strong with Zero Debt.

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Our Pride: Twice World's No. 1

  • No. 1 share of the world market for 8mm film editors
    (Weekly Diamond Magazine survey)

  • No.1 in the world in compact camera production
    (Nikkei Business magazine survey)

    We developed and sold compact cameras with the world's first and only technology which we originally developed. These cameras were highly evaluated for their low price and high performance, and we received requests for ODM supply from almost all of Japan's renowned camera manufacturers. We achieved the world's top production record of 450,000 units per month and 4.2 million units per year.

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GOKO’s Specialized Microscopes

We are currently actively engaged in the electronic imaging business, developing and manufacturing a series of products focusing on specialized microscopes, which we sell domestically and internationally.
Our products are characterized by their unparalleled clarity, ease of use, and image analysis to meet customers’ various needs.
Since 2000, with the rise of digital compact cameras, we decided to make a drastic change in business direction, judging that it is not in the compact camera field that we can demonstrate our true potential as an optical equipment manufacturer.
Our microscopes have been highly evaluated in various fields, from the medical field to the precision inspection in factories, because of our product development based on our unique technology and our ability to meet the needs of small-lot, diversified products in a detailed manner, which is not possible with mass production.

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An amazing 620x magnification. For easy and clear observation of capillaries in both humans and experimental animals.Whole-body capillaroscope series
Upgrade your microscope to a microscope with a digital camera.Eyepiece camera series
A single microscope for both remote work observation and macro close-up photography Multi-distance scope, GOKO EV-6HD
Quantifies flow velocity in capillary images and displays numerical and graphical flow velocity in 3 simple stepsGOKO-VIP software
GOKO Measure Plus
Advanced image analysis and measurement for GOKO MicroscopesGOKO Measure Plus software
Ultra-high magnification photography with one hand. GOKO’s unique non-slip mechanism.Handheld Ultra Microscope, GOKO EV-13
Contact-zoom type USB Delmatoscope designed for easy and clear skin observation Dermatoscope, GOKO EV-4D USB
Lens for SLR cameras that easily takes both high-quality intraoral and face-form shotsGOKO LM-3D, for dentists
GOKO EV-1 Digita
Suitable for flaw detection and defective inspection. With LEDs for angle illumination adjustment.GOKO EV-1 Digital

GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.

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